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The Name4Carl Committee members are below:

Bill Jones, lead member and website developer. Forward statements, petitions, news articles to
    Bill Jones
    0637 Blue Ridge Road
    Silverthorne, CO 80498
    970/468-7673 (phone & fax)
    e-mail: email
Background: Yosemite National Park park naturalist (1962-1970) then chief park naturalist 1970-1972. Directly associated with Carl Sharsmith during these years. Editor and Director of Yosemite Natural History Association, instituted the Yosemite Field Seminars (now Yosemite Outdoor Adventures) and was an instructor of geology for same, President Yosemite Winter Club, National Park Service park interpretive, wilderness, and master plan planner 1972-1985; Presently: VistaBooks book publisher (www.vistabooks.com) of outdoor and American history subjects , ski instructor (www.SkiMyBest.com) for Vail Resorts of Colorado, author of "Yosemite...the story behind the scenery" published by K. C. Publications of Las Vegas, Nevada, and "Domes, Cliffs, Waterfalls...a brief geology of Yosemite Valley" published by Yosemite Association of Yosemite National Park, California, and magazine articles. Based in Silverthorne, Colorado.

Bob Barbee

Background: Carlsbad Caverns Tour Guide; Yosemite National Park photographer , naturalist and resource manager; Big Bend National Park park ranger; Point Reyes National Seashore park ranger; chief of interpretation Western Region National Park Service;  superintendent of Cape Lookout National Seashore, Cape Hatteras National Seashore, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park , Redwoods National Park, Yellowstone National Park; and Director of National Park Service Alaska Region. Retired:  Based in Bozeman, Montana.

Bryan Harry
Background: manger of National Wildlife Refuge , Park Naturalist at Grand Teton National Park, Assistant Chief Park Naturalist at Yellowstone National Park, Chief Park Naturalist at Yosemite National Park, Yosemite Valley District Manager, Regional Director of Alaska Region, Director of Hawaii Area national parks. Retired. Based in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Wayne Merry

Background: First El Capitan summit ascent, Yosemite National Park naturalist and ranger including at Tuolumne Meadows,  director Yosemite Climbing School, chief ranger at Olympic and Mount McKinley National Parks, student of Carl Sharsmith at  San Jose State University and  author of Canadian first aid manual, search consultant. Based in Atlin, British Columbia, Canada

Len McKenzie
Background: Park naturalist, Yosemite (1962-63), Lassen Volcanic (1966-67); district naturalist, Everglades (1967-69); chief naturalist, Assateague Island (1969-71), Mammoth Cave (1971-74), Yosemite (1974-93); deputy superintendent, Golden Gate (1993-98).  Director of YNHA (now YA) when naming proposal originated.  Author of "Yosemite: The Continuing Story."  Now a writer/editor and consultant in interpretive and exhibit planning living in Mariposa, CA.

Jack Morehead
Background: Grand Teton National Park ranger; Yosemite National Park chief ranger, Yosemite National Park superintendent,  Everglades National Park superintendent, Chief Ranger of National Park Service.
Presently: retired. Based in Morro Bay, California

Bill Wendt

Background: Yosemite National Park Chief Ranger, Chief Range of National Park Service.
Presently:  retired, based in Midpines, California.

Douglass Hubbard (deceased)
Yosemite Chief Park Naturalist, NPS Chief Naturalist, Director Nimitz Naval Museum, Cruise Ship Lecturer, Publisher of Awani Press. Based in Fredericksburg, Texas.

Bob Fry (deceased)
Yosemite National Park park naturalist, Yosemite Field Seminars botany and ethnography instructor; educator. Based in Groveland, California.

Dr. F. Owen Hoffman
Zion, Crater Lake, and Yosemite ranger-naturalist 1969-1971, San Jose State University alumnus student of Carl Sharsmith. Presently president of Senes Oak Ridge Center for Risk Analysis. Based in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

Allen Berrey
legal counsel Mono County, raised in Yosemite Valley, former board member Yosemite Association, son of Henry Berrey (deceased) who was long-time business manager for YA.

Jim Sano, Former Yosemite/Mather District naturalist, now President Geographic Expeditions, board member of National Board of the Trust for Public Lands and National Council of World Wildlife Fund. Based in San Francisco, California


Dr. Dallas Peck, (deceased) Director, U.S. Geological Survey, 1981-1993, geologist who mapped two Yosemite National Park Quadrangles--Yosemite and Merced Peak. Assisted in formulation of naming proposal as early as 1976. Deceased 2005.


Browning, Peter, 1986, Place Names of the Sierra Nevada: From Abbot to Zumwalt. Wilderness Press. Berkeley, CA. There is no entry for Sharsmith, as expected, as Carl was still alive when this title was published.

Browning, Peter, 1988, Yosemite Place Names: The Historic Background of geographic names in Yosemite National Park. Great West Books. Lafayette, CA. There is no entry for Sharsmith, as expected, as Carl was still alive when this title was published.

Congressional Record,  December 10, 1979, Extension of Remarks: Tribute to a Dedicated Public Servant. U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. Testimonial in U.S. House of Representatives by Congressman Tony Coelho of California regarding Carl Sharsmith.

Woolfenden, Wallace B., 1992, Harvey Monroe Hall Research Natural Area Management Plan. Mono Lake Ranger District, Inyo National Forest: Bishop, CA. This is for the area on the east side of informally-named Sharsmith Peak).

Yosemite Research Library, Yosemite National Park, California. Linda Eade, Librarian.

Selected papers from Sharsmith files at Yosemite Research Library

Correspondence file on name4carl project

See also the bibliographic references at "Published works by and about Carl Sharsmith"


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