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Instructions for proposal

Draft of statement for name proposal to Board on Geographic Names to accompany proposal form and attachments (supporting statements, petitions, news articles, maps, photos, website in text form).
See also Board on Geographic Names proposal form
and instructions for the form

William R Jones
Lead Member
Name4Carl Committee
0637 Blue Ridge Road
Silverthorne, CO 80498
January 9, 2007

Lou Yost
Executive Secretary
U.S. Board on Geographic Names
U.S. Geological Survey
12201 Sunrise Valley Drive, MS 523
Reston, Virginia 20192-0523

RE: name of a feature on federal maps

On behalf of the many persons and organizations submitting statements supporting the name of a Yosemite mountain peak for the late Dr. Ranger/Naturalist Carl W. Sharsmith (1903-1994), we of the Name4Carl Committee ask that the board approve a name to a feature shown on federal maps.

The feature proposed to be named is already informally called Sharsmith Peak, False White, and False White Mountain Peak and is also referred to as Peak 12002. It is the otherwise unnamed peak 12,002 shown on the 1956 Tuolumne Meadows 15 minute quadrangle, located on the border of Yosemite National Park and Inyo National Forest (also on the common border of Tuolumne and Mono Counties of the State of California), north of Tioga Pass and south of Mount Conness and White Mountain on the Sierra Nevada crest. This point is at the eastern edge of legislated Yosemite wilderness and the western edge of the Harvey Monroe Hall Natural Area. The peak is at latitude N37 56.194' and longitude W119 17.615'. The enclosed map shows the peak location. Enclosed photographs show the peak character.

The proposed name for this feature is Sharsmith Peak. While alive, Dr. Sharsmith endorsed this naming. Specific interest in naming a Sierra peak for him had begun at least by 1976.

Our reason for proposing this name for the above feature is multi-faceted: To provide inspiration through the example of this dedicated scientist and educator so that current and successive generations will continue to develop information on the natural features of this region to allow it to be best managed.  And to inspire park staff to effectively communicate gained knowledge through interpretation programs (focused education) to park visitors to advance their understanding of wildland values.  The end result will be the continuation of the natural values so eminently displayed in this region, and which the U.S. Congress has directed be maintained in perpetuity.

Formally establishing a single name for this mountain peak (rather than continuing the four informal names in use now) will also simplify and solidify reference to it by the park and forest service managing agencies as well as Mono County (especially the county sheriff), all of whom may be called upon to perform search and rescue operations in this area used in summer/fall by hikers and in winter/spring by ski mountaineers. This will enhance safety in simplifying direction-giving to recreationists so they are more likely to choose correct routes and in enhancing communication among rescue personnel when they are again sent out on missions.

The fact that four names have sprung up for this feature supports the need not only for naming it but for giving it a single defined name.

Our association with the feature in question is our professional careers with the National Park Service while stationed at Tuolumne Meadows and/or in Yosemite National Park in roles as rangers, naturalists, resource managers, and park managers. Several of us went on in our careers to positions as regional managers of the agency and in professional roles in the Washington, D.C. headquarters or in private industry and the academic world.

The format of our proposal includes this cover letter with its map and photographs, your online proposal form already transmitted, a hard-copy bound reproduction of the website www.name4carl.org which gives background on the naming proposal--origin, Sharsmith biography, selection of the feature, and satisfaction of your Board's criteria. There is also the website www.name4carl.org itself. And most important, statements and petitions reproduced on the website are enclosed in the bound hard-copy. These show public support of the naming proposal, including submissions from a former director of the National Park Service, a former director of the U.S. Geological Survey, most living former Yosemite park superintendents, leaders of conservation organizations, trend-setting writers of national standing, university professors, mountaineers, elected legislators, and park visitors form many perspectives. Significantly, support comes from both the western and eastern sides of the Sierra Nevada. A summary sheet in the bound hard-copy quotes pertinent points of the supporting statements and indicates the interest and/or association with the proposal of the supporter, and, where available, original documents are appended with contact information for the respondents. Resources used are listed, including short biographies of the committee, a chronology of Dr. Sharsmith, a list of publications by and about him and testimonials to him that were gathered in book form for a memorial to him following his passing. Our understanding is that additional supporting statements have already been submitted to your Board  directly.

We ask that we be advised of any further steps we should take or of any additional opportunities available for input and respectfully urge that you take the steps necessary to approve this proposal.

Name4Carl Committee

William R. "Bill" Jones, Lead Member
Bryan Harry, Wayne Merry, Bill Wendt, Jack Morehead, Allen Berrey, Len McKenzie, Bob Barbee, Bob Fry, Douglass Hubbard, Dr. Owen Hoffman, Jim Sano, Dr. Dallas Peck (advisor at initiation of proposal)

printed copy of website www.name4carl.org with supporting statements from individuals and organizations
maps and photos

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