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Georgia Stigall. Long-time Yosemite National Park visitor. Based in Woodside, California.

REVIEW COPY of Georgia Stigall's support for a Yosemite mountain to be named for Carl Sharsmith, October 6, 2006

"My first visit to Yosemite National Park was at age 3 ˝ in May 1956, beginning a lifetime of camping, hiking, backpacking and volunteering in the Park.
Because of my young age when we started visiting Yosemite, I do not recall my first encounter with Carl Sharsmith. What I do recall however, is that there was never a time in my memory when his was not a “household name” in our family.
I have memories of countless campfire programs with Carl as the fun and informative leader. I have a memory of being very young and finding a spider on a Ranger-Naturalist walk lead by Carl. When I showed my parents and asked the name of the spider, my mom replied (and I recall this vividly), “Let’s ask Dr. Sharsmith”.
The years went by and the interest was nurtured and encouraged. Carl Sharsmith was always a part of encouraging and nurturing our interest, as visitors to our beloved Yosemite.
Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area there were countless other “Yosemite families” and “everyone” knew and had been encouraged by Dr. Sharsmith. His love for, enthusiasm about and knowledge of natural history was unsurpassed. He was approachable, kind and humorous in relaying information.
In 1989 Carl and I began visiting on Yosemite Association walks. By 1992 we were close friends and all but family, sharing much of day to day life, errands and chores, outings in the Bay Area, riding together to Yosemite, family meals, accompanying Carl to doctor appointments and so forth.
This time spent with Carl in “daily life”, with his ability to have quiet time and "let thoughts settle" that does not occur when someone is constantly working in front of the public, gave me additional tremendous insight into Carl’s devotion to Yosemite. It gave me insight into his desire to convey natural history and other information to all who desired to learn.
Carl delighted "his public”, and “his public” delighted him.
I was with Carl the last several days of his life and through his death on October 14, 1994 in San Jose, California. He wanted to hear about Yosemite, John Muir, and various natural history topics right through to the end of his life.
It is through this close association, combined with a lifetime of my family benefiting from his enthusiasm for teaching, his meticulous attention to the natural history of Yosemite and conveying what he knew to all who cared to listen … that I believe with all of my heart and mind that Dr. Carl Sharsmith is indeed deserving of a Yosemite mountain named in his honor.
I do not take lightly the topic of geologic features named for people … but I believe that Carl is indeed the epitome of helping people achieve what John Muir so eloquently counseled … to “go to the mountains and get their glad tidings”.
Carl Sharsmith helped people to be glad in the mountains. And in so doing he made the mountains glad.


Georgia Stigall
17287 Skyline Blvd #102, Woodside, CA 94062-3780
phone: 650-941-1068
email: georgiastigall@yahoo.com


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